Am I Actually Winning This Time?

The week marks Week 4 of my Methotrexate (MTX) injections for Uveitis. I’m proud to say that this week was the first time that I did the injection completely by myself, on the first try, and without any tears.

Although it’s too soon to know for sure, I think the treatment is working. I haven’t had a flare up, pain, or any noticeable inflammation in my eyes within the last seven weeks. For me that’s pretty rare.

A lot of patients on MTX go through rough days after their injection because methotrexate is actually chemo. When I was taking the oral version of MTX I was exhausted for the first half of the week. I could fall asleep anywhere. I was nauseous and dizzy most of the time. Anytime I would stand up I’d have to hold onto something to make sure not to fall over. Luckily, my doctor doubled up my dosage of folic acid to fight off the side effects and I’ve been fine ever since. I was worried that the side effects would come back stronger with the injections, but now the only time I feel off is just the day I take it.

Could it be true? Could I actually be finally winning in this fight against my immune system?


2 thoughts on “Am I Actually Winning This Time?

  1. Injecting yourself is kind of scary at first but you get used to it. Good job!! I have Rheumatoid Arthritis which is also an autoimmune disease so I take the injectable MTX too. I’ve been taking it for about 6 months now.

    • Thanks Mendy! It was so hard at first because I used to be afraid of needles. (Clearly I had to get over that quick!) Our diseases may be different, but it’s nice to read some of your posts because some of your experiences with MTX.

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