Slut Walking

Earlier today I joined in on a Facebook debate about the most recent Slut Walk in Los Angeles that was hosted by Amber Rose. The original poster shared her respect for the walk. Not surprising, women who didn’t even know when or where the Slut Walk was created or why joined in to discuss their disdain for Amber. According to them, the reason why Amber Rose shouldn’t lead this “new” movement was because she wasn’t “respectable” enough. Her clothes and behavior online isn’t considered appropriate. Instead of thinking and eye-rolling through an entire new conversation lead, I’ve decided to include my Facebook response below. Feel free to offer your own insight in the comment section.

I may not be a fan of Amber Rose, especially of how she dresses. But no matter how she dresses or who she shakes her behind for, these actions aren’t cause or shouldn’t be an excuse for raping any woman. Comments like “She’s a slut anyways. She shouldn’t have worn that short dress. Why was she shaking her ass if she didn’t want it in the first place?” are some of the reasonings behind the Slut Walk in the first place. I also think we have to be careful of not listening to certain women or not letting them lead certain movements because we don’t deem them as “respectable.” That’s exactly what happened with Claudette Colvin. She was actually the first woman during the Civil Rights Movement who refused to give up her seat on a bus, but the movement didn’t want to make her its face. Rosa Parks was older, light skinned, more “respectable,” and refined. And just like that Claudette was almost erased from history because she didn’t fit the “respectable” label of that time period.

What are your thoughts?